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Putting your forensic accountant under the microscope

  • Do you engage the services of a forensic accountant?
  • Are you entirely satisfied with the current level of service and fees or are the costs significantly exceeding the original estimates, without any real justification?
  • Is your current forensic accountant close to retirement?
  • Would you consider an alternative or an additional resource to supplement your current provider?



How Will You Benefit?

  1. Independent practice - Not affiliated with any accounting or insolvency practice.
  2. Australian Owned – Providing Forensic Accounting services nationally from a Queensland base.
  3. Smaller practice - Allowing us to provide you with more flexible and cost effective solutions.
  4. Specialist Practice – Specialising in the provision of Forensic Accounting Services only
  5. Expertise - Chartered Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner and Insolvency Practitioner with extensive experience in Audit, Insolvency and Fraud. Prior background of running a family owned business as a qualified trade person.
  6. Competitive fee structure – We provide genuine and realistic fee estimates up front and will keep you fully appraised of any changes in costs, so there aren’t any surprises.
  7. Professional Lifespan - An accountant who will see you through your professional distance.
  8. Ethical, professional and Practical - To every Forensic Accounting assignment undertaken.
  9. Industry leading team - Our team has the expertise to ensure that you are provided with a superior level of service.
  10. Expert witness - A forensic accountant who will stand up in Court and be put under the microscope.
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